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As a parent, you want to give your child the best — especially when it comes to their health, development and well-being! We provide our patients with the best pediatric care in the Chicago area . We strive to provide comprehensive, compassionate, family-centered care to your children from birth to 18 years of age.

New Patients: Setting Up Your Appointment at Chicago Ambulatory Care Center

To schedule an appointment for your child, please call the appointment desk at 773 292 4501 to speak with a receptionist or you can leave a message with the answering service. We will promptly see new patients for well child physical exams and offer same-day availability for acute care appointments (sick visits). Walk-ins are welcome!

Prenatal visit

We want the new parents and expecting mother to be comfortable with the newborn baby’s pediatrician.

One to Three Months Before Your Child Is Born

Schedule a Prenatal Visit
We encourage expectant parents to schedule a complimentary prenatal visit. This visit provides expectant parents an opportunity to meet one of our providers and our staff. To schedule a prenatal consultation, call the office and tell the receptionist you want to “schedule a prenatal appointment.”

Newborn & Infant Care

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby (or babies)! If this is your first, you may be apprehensive — but remember that your most valuable resource is your own common sense. At Chicago Ambulatory Care Center, we provide advice, reassurance and, in the face of often differing opinions from friends and family, help with decisions regarding the care of your baby.

Adolescent Care

Adolescent Annual Physical Exams by Your Trusted Pediatrician at Chicago Ambulatory Care Center
All adolescent patients need a routine annual physical exam, to check on their health and development. The physical will be conducted by your primary care physician, so it’s always someone that you and your adolescent know and trust. Our physical exams are composed of the following elements:

  1. Brief interview with adolescent and parent
  2. Expanded interview with adolescent
  3. Physical exam
  4. Laboratory tests as indicated

The interview focuses on home, school/education, activities, friendships, diet/nutrition, sexual health/development, and mental health. If concerns with specific academic, emotional, physical, and/or social issues are identified in the physical exam and evaluation, a follow-up appointment will be recommended to continue appropriate evaluation and management.

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We focus on family centered care, because we believe it is essential that parents get involved in the decision making process for their child's health.

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